How to enter

Entries can be made across five categories

Each category must be entered separately through the official online portal. You are allowed to enter more than one category, but you are only permitted to submit five photographs per category, meaning each entrant can enter a maximum of 25 photographs.

Please ensure that you submit all online entries by 23:59 on Sunday, 31 March 2019 (SAST).

Please make sure you read the rules thoroughly for image specifications, permissions and other important information.

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Histories and futures

  • Historical areas / buildings/ monuments

  • The past in the present

  • Future developments

  • Technology

  • Dynamic change and uncertainty

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Place and movement

  • Cityscapes and landscapes

  • Buildings, architecture and housing

  • Infrastructure, services and service delivery

  • Transport facilities and people using them

  • Daily commuters (cyclists, walkers, public transport users, car drivers/ passengers

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Economy and economic life

  • Places of business/working environments

  • Mining and industry

  • Formal and informal economic activities

  • Trade and goods transport

  • Poverty and inequality

  • Wealth and opportunity

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Sustainability and the environment

  • Green infrastructure and renewable energy

  • Parks and public spaces

  • Sustainable living and recycling

  • Urban forests, farms and natural areas

  • Pollution

  • Damage to the environment

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A province and its people

  • Diversity

  • How people live

  • Social and cultural characteristics

  • Unique features of urban life in this African metropolis

  • Freedom and responsibility

  • Orderly and disorderly lives


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